11 Ways To Make Money Through Blogging

blog1Every blogger needs to make money from his works.

I know you’ve ever wondered how the pros do it. If you want to know how the money is actually earned online with a professional blog, keep reading because I will share with you the 12 best ways to do so.

Before I show you the list, let me make something very clear. Blogs themselves do not give much money compared to the effort required to set it up.

What really gives money is to create a business and to use the blog as a platform to promote products or services. That is marketing. I am sure you know that term.

Build a business around your blog, serving up any of the niches, make money online through any of the ways that I explain below, and the money will start flowing into your pocket. However, be prepared to work hard if you want this to work out for you.

1. Keep a list of your subscribers emails:
If you want to make money with your blog, having a list of the email addresses of your subscribers is essential. Why? For any product or service you promote as an affiliate or you sell yourself to your subscribers list (if you do things right), some of them will become buyers or customers.

The higher the number of emails you have the more chance you have of getting buyers or customers. However, quantity is not the only issue to consider in having a mailing list but the relationship you have with them. If you fill their mailbox always with your product/service or affiliates products, there will come a time when they are deleted from your subscription because they will see you as a spammer.

You must treat your subscribers with the utmost respect and care. This not only prevents them from leaving your list but also allows you to have a closer relationship with them. Ensure that the relationship with your subscribers is based on trust.

How many emails subscriptions do you need to start making money?
1000 is a good number to start making money with emails. It is estimated that the conversion ratio of email campaigns is 4% -7%. Although you can safely achieve 0 purchases if you do things wrongly.

That ratio may vary depending on many different factors you have to consider when embarking on your campaigns. These include the quality of product or service you offer your subscribers, how effective your marketing campaign is, the quality of the emails sent to get purchases, the good relationship you have with your subscribers, etc.

I have seen some cases of very good results ($ 10,000, if I remember correctly) with only 200 subscribers and a single campaign. Now, as you can imagine, this may be an exception to the rule. It was someone who had a very good relationship with his list which was of high quality (targeted subscribers).

Maintain good relationship with your list of subscribers:
Send them just one or two emails per week. No more. Do not abuse your mails usage.  Keep warm relationship.
Share with them exclusive materials that cannot be found on your blog. Things that are of value. Make it really worth being subscribed to your list. Value is the key.
If you want to promote affiliate products, they must be products that you yourself would use or are already using. They must provide real value to your subscribers. Do not abuse the affiliate products.
Same for your own products. Here’s a little more idea. You can advertize your products once a month.  You have to strengthen the relationship of trust between you and your subscribers by sending emails with valuable content regularly. The sale must not be the focus. If you give them value, they will patronise you.

How to create a list of subscribers
The easiest and most used way is to provide some incentive to subscribe. Most often give a free e-book in exchange. To collect and manage emails, you will need an opt-in page from an auto-responder that would provide the service you choose to use. I use MailerLite due to its simple, affordable (free 1000 subscribers initially), and other qualities. Aweber, Getresponse, Trafficwave are all there.

Remember: anyone who seriously wants to make money online needs a list of subscribers.

2. Promote affiliate products:
Promoting an affiliate product means that you get a commission for selling someone’s product. This is done through an affiliate link. You sign up with a seller/company, they give you an affiliate link, you send buyers to them through your link, and they pay you commission. It is a way businesses encourage others to sell their products which eventually brings in more sales to them.

Do not fill your blog with affiliate banners products. Your affiliate links should be few and well placed. You should only promote products that you buy yourself or you know well about its quality and usefulness. Otherwise, your visitors will distrust you and will feel cheated. Your recommendation is very important to them. If you do want to sell affiliate products to your list, write an article specifically to discuss the product. That does not sound like you want to sell the product at all cost.

Try to show that you want to share a good product with them, money is secondary. Whenever you put a link to an affiliate product, it tells your visitors about the product. Focus on promoting products that give you a minimum of a 30% commission. If you want to find affiliate products you get those percentages, go to ClickBank.com (have over 1,000 million dollars in commissions) or Commission Junction.

3. Sell your own products:
This is one of the best ways for you to earn money from your blog. Moreover, in most cases, the sale of your products will help enhance your personal brand as an expert in your niche. The possibilities are many, you just have to choose the topic,  considering the field in which you will perform better and get your product.

Your product can be anything-shirts with funny designs, iTunnes songs, e-books, your book on Amazon, a compilation of videos that teach how to play guitar in one month, a collection of podcasts in which you have interviews with recognizable characters in your field, your photos albums, your paintings or art works, and anything else that your talent can produce. I advise you focus your activity on digital products. They are very easy to edit and distribute.

How do I sell? To sell e-books use E-junkie.com or ClickBank.com . For tee-shirts, you can use Spreadshirt.com and Districtlines.com .

Hint: Multiplier Effect- get affiliates to sell your digital products.
There are online services that can help you to sell your digital products. E-Junkie and ClickBank will allow you to create a system that incorporates affiliates to sell your products for you. The buyers of your product may, after seeing the quality, decide to market it. On your own, visitors and subscribers will equally buy thereby earning you good money in the whole process.

Everybody wins: the one who sells the product collects the proceeds of the sale; those that promote the product with an affiliate link collect the proceeds of the commission; and visitors and subscribers find a quality material that will satisfy them. Having a network of affiliates to sell your digital products for you will allow you to reach far more people than if you were to sell yourself. In addition, visitors and subscribers of those other blogs respect and trust the advice of bloggers who they follow, so it will be much easier to reach more people.

Make your brand known to gain a lot. Buyers who have patronised you can buy more from you later; those buyers talk about your product to acquaintances and get new buyers; bloggers want to be your affiliates for future product launches; etc.

Convert your offline activities in digital products. Any activity you do offline and can be useful for your readers should be recorded, edited, and sold. So you earn money with a product of your daily activity. Nothing to lose, in fact you have everything to gain- not only getting the money from the sales you make but also your brand will be better known and more respected in your niche.

For example, you could ask a friend to record your appearances at conferences; you could record yourself doing workshops or seminars; you can compile interviews you have done with experts in your niche and create a product based on them, e.g an ebook or a collection of podcasts.

Now think of what you do offline that can become an online product that can be sold.

4. Offer your services as a consultant:
You are an expert in your niche. At least, so assume your readers. Take advantage of your reputation and knowledge in offering your services as a consultant. Many bloggers do, and they are quite successfull at that. For private consulting, no barriers. Any niche is likely to generate consulting opportunities. Your readers are people who want to know more details of issues in your niche. You just have to put up a channel/link where your visitors view something like “Consulting”, “Hire me” or “Work with me”) and send them to the page of your blog for your services.

The process is usually as follows: (1) the person interested in hiring sends you an email explaining his/her needs; (2) you respond by telling him/her if you can help or not. If you can help, in the same email you tell how and when he/she will make payment, also ask him/her to send email with all the things to be addressed in the session, (3) payments are made to you and and you do justice to the demands. You can do it via Skype, or record the job and send it to your client so he/she can listen as many times as needed. Be sure to provide quality job.

5. Look for advertisers/sponsors who will pay a fee to advertise on your blog:
This is a good way to make money with your blog. It is very profitable over time. You put your sponsor banners on your blog and you do not have to worry about anything.

Just contact the marketing department of some businesses in your niche that you think may be interested in becoming advertisers in your blog. Tell them to try the benefits that businesses that advertise on your blog get. Talk about how many hits you get, and above all, benefits about of your products or services.

Shortcuts to find Advertisers:

Visit other blogs in your niche and see their advertisers, follow the link in the banner of the sponsor or find information about the advertiser on Google and send an email to them, offering spaces for advertising on your blog; explain to them the advantages of advertising on your blog; wait for replies from those you have contacted. Some will decline, but some at least will agree.
Another quick way to find sponsors is to look at the advertisers appearing in AdSense blogs in your niche; You can also get AdSense and see ads appearing on your blog; contact advertisers and offer them a better deal than they do with Google.
Not bad right? Now your turn to find sponsors if you are interested of course. There are people who do not like others advertising on their blogs especially for little amounts.

6. Offer to speak at events-seminars and conferences:

As you gain expertise in your niche, there will be events that interest you to go to give a talk or lectures. But then, you have to advertise the programme on your blog. It is also a good idea to send your list emails to events that are in your area and tell them you are available to talk about this or that issue. The price depends on your reputation on the Net and how important the event is. At first, you should be  interested in appearing in as many events and conferences as possible, even if you do not charge anything. You have to make yourself known and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and your skills as a speaker. Know that if you do well in events, they will open many doors. Many have definitely catapulted their brand through presentations in seminars, and other events.

When you give a speech, record yourself or ask another organization to do so. Such materials will be useful both for products to use in your sales and other adverts. If you have a compilation of your best performances on stage, you have a much better chance of being hired. By the way, watch the price you charge for that depends on many factors.

Tip: Add humor and passion to your speech and it will be memorable. By the way, less is more. Keep it simple and go straight to the point. Do not extend or exaggerate unnecessarily. Between 30 and 45 minutes is sufficient.

7. Offer your services as a freelancer:
This is the quickest and easiest way to make money online. Post on your blog a sample of your work and leave your mail list to contact you for hiring. Prices can hover between $ 50 to $ 100 per hour of work. There are some professions that are ideal for this type of work: web developer and designer, illustrator, programmer and stuff like that. They can be done remotely too.

8. Offer your services as a personal trainer/coach:
The functions of a personal trainer can be very varied but usually related to productivity at work, success in career, optimizing the use of time, managing well the resources available and so on. This is typically done by Skype and sessions are recorded. You can also send a series of templates, exercises and manuals that support your explanation/training.

Keep in mind that in coaching, you must respond perfectly to the needs of your customer. It is a personal work with your client. You must be honest and open in order to impart what is desired in the life of your client.  Have serious plan as to theactions that have to do with achieving the desired results. Remember that the customer wants results and if it can be fast, much better.

9. Create an online course via email or membership site
There are basically two ways of doing this: (1) via email; and (2) with a page that requires a password to enter (membership site). In the first you share in an orderly and regular manner, course content (eg, every week you send an email to the customer with a course topic). In contrast, the second involves a private web page with all the course information (it is important that Google should not index any of your pages because the content has to be private). When your customer buys the service, the system sends him/her the password so they can access all course information.

In the first option (via email) a small amount is charged per month until the customer decides to stop paying. In the second option (membership site) the price is quite high because you make all the course information available as a package.  Membership site is also a forum for all members, usually a community that help each other and, moreover, they often talk directly with the creator of the course (either via Skype or forum).

The nice thing about both options is that once you have the course content and the system created everything is automated with auto-responder services. You will hardly lift a finger that to generate money for the rest of the life of the site. Obviously, you have to serve your customers and update the contents occasionally, but most of the work is already done. Basically your job is to promote your products. Having products on the market also gives you a higher reputation in your niche.

Please note that the price of your product has to go according to your current reputation and product quality. You always focus more on giving out value. With that you will avoid refunds and unsatisfactory remarks.


10. Do a Webinar:
This is a very good way to make money with your blog. It is basically an online class to a group of people who have previously subscribed to the event. Normally do 45 min-1 hour of explanation and then allow a while for questions from the audience. Although you can organize as you prefer, if you intend to have a paid webinar, you will have to open up an account and add a payment button to your blog for subscriptions. In your blog page (which must be hidden from the general public), you will ask them to register for the webinar. There are many tools that can be used to organise a webinar. The best known and probably the best today is: GoToWebinar. The problem is that it is quite expensive to use (about $ 100 per month), though they give one month free trial.

Other very good and free tools are: Freebinar.com and UStream.tv.

11. Getting a contract with a publisher to publish a book:
Although the chances of obtaining a contract from a publisher to publish a book are not high, for publishers it is a plus since you already have an audience that follows you every day. Besides, you have already shown your expertise through the quality of what you publish. Finally, having promotion platforms (blog, Facebook, Twitter , etc.) helps when you launch your book or any product. The more people read your blog posts and the more followers you have on Twitter and Facebook more chances you have to get that contract.

So, there you have them.

Are you making money with that blog or website? Check out some ideas above that you can start with right away.

Your comments will be appreciated.


Best 8 Tips For Google Adwords Advertisers

googleadwordslogoGoogle Adwords is still one of the best ways of attracting quality and targeted traffic/customers to your website, products or services. It offers a LOW COST method of advertising and targets your main keywords that are related to your blog/site, product or service niche/market on Google search engine result pages (SERPs).
To achieve a successful adwords advertising campaign, you need to know the secrets and techniques to apply so you can achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) in your advertising budget.
So I have listed here the Top 8 tips for effective Google Adwords advertising campaign for all Internet marketers who want to achieve success in their online businesses.

1. Apply Keyword Research Strategy:
Keyword research is essential to discover the right keywords that are related to your blog or site, product or service. It helps you to know where your target market for your product or service is, and how to reach them using the right keywords. Strategic words to use to locate where your target market is in your keyword niche are : Buy, Sell, Services, Products, Register, Tools, Software, Company, Firms, For Sale etc. Use these words to locate those long tail keywords that are related to your product or service niche.
2. Don’t Promote a Content-Based Website- Sell Your Products or Services:
If you are using Google Adwords for your online advertising campaign, don’t try to promote a content-based website, instead sell your product or service. However, if you don’t have your own product, sell an affiliate product or service. For you to recover your money spent on advertising, you need to target a buying traffic, that is people who are willing to pay for your product or service. You can stimulate the buying sentiment in your visitors when you direct them to the sales page of your product or services or affiliate product or service. In that way, you are fastening their buying decisions to your favour. If you want to promote a content-based website in search engine result pages, use keyword research and search engine optimization techniques (On Page SEO and Off Page SEO techniques).
3. Bid for Keywords According to Your Advertising Budget:
If you are starting your Adwords advertising campaign on a small cash budget, don’t overbid for keywords just to compete with your major competitors because they have more cash to outbid you. So, focus more on being seen than ranking at the top for now because, despite the number of competitors in your niche, your ad will still be distributed evenly by Google so it can attract the traffic (visitors) you need. At the start of your advertising campaign, focus on getting more visitors to your landing page for a small fee.
4. Target Long-Tail Keywords in Your Ad:
The market for broad keywords are already saturated by the top dollar advertising companies, so don’t bother yourself targeting broad keywords in your ad because you will end up paying more money per click on your ad way above your advertising budget. Focus on long-tail keywords in your niche market because they are cheaper to bid for and are targeted in reaching the right and specific people who will be more interested in buying your product or affiliate product.
When you target long-tail keywords in your Google ad, your ad will be evenly distributed in the right niche websites in the Google Adsense publisher network which will bring the right traffic to your landing page.
5. Write a Catchy and Attractive Title:
The first part of your ad that people see on search engine result pages is your Title. So writing an attention-grabbing and catchy title is very important to increase the chances of your ad being clicked on by search engine visitors. Adding these words: “New”, “Free”, “For Sale”, “How”, “Fast”, “Quick” etc can stir a lot of interest and emotion in the visitors to click on your ad without thinking twice.
An ad without a catchy and attention-grabbing title reduces its chance of success by almost 50% (fifty percent). Therefore, pay quality attention to how to write your ad title so you can increase the success rate of your ad when it goes online.
6. Multiple Adverts Testing:
This is mostly called Split testing in blogging but can still be applied in Adwords. I have heard from several successful Internet marketers that testing multiple ads simultaneously is an important factor to know which of your ads will produce the highest click-through rate (CTR). Through this process, you will be able to focus on the top performing ads and discard the low performing ads. Continue this process in every new campaign to always get the best results from your ads and high return on your advertising budget.
7. Sell the Benefits of Your Product/Service:
Nobody buys a product without knowing the benefits he or she will derive from that product. Same principle applies to the Internet. Sell the benefits of your product or service in your ad. Formats to sell the benefits of your product or service can be: Make money, Make more money, Make money faster, Lose more weight, Succeed faster, Succeed quicker, Lose 10pounds weight, Stay healthier, Stay younger, Learn faster, Do-it-yourself guide for newbies etc.
8. Make Your Ad Stand Unique:
There are probably thousands of other ads targeted at your product or service niche/market, so the only way to attract more click-throughs is to make your ad stand out by being unique. Before you write your advert copy, first do a keyword research using Google search engine. Type in your target keyword phrase. On the search result pages, spend some time reading the ad of your competitors and find out what is ‘missing’ in their ad copy and add it in your ad.
Final Note on Google Adwords
The strategy to succeed in your Google Adwords pay per click advertising campaign is to use the tips and techniques shared above to create a unique and well-written advertising copy that will generate the kind of results you desire for your product and make money online. If you have any suggestion or opinion, make a comment. Also, share this article in social networking sites with your friends and subscribers if you find it helpful.

blog4As a blogger, the main thing on your mind is to drive traffic to your blog. If you write articles of the best quality and there is not one single person to read them, then you are simply wasting your time. Facebook offers a remarkable opportunity to direct traffic to your blog and boost your article readership.


Here’s how you can use some common Facebook marketing tactics to drive lots of free traffic to your blog.


Make Your Images Bigger

Facebook posts that feature images are known to get about 120 percent more engagement than posts without pictures. When you make your pictures more prominent, you can count on getting comments, shares and likes – and of course, click-throughs.


Make Your Updates Short and Sweet

The aim here is to drive traffic to your blog, which be text-rich. But on Facebook, you will need to use witty, short updates in order to get people engaged, and get click-throughs. Preferably, keep your update to just one sentence and under 150 character count.


When creating text for your Facebook marketing, you need to keep in mind that a lot of your readers use Facebook on their mobile devices as well. So, ensure that your blog updates are clear, short and contains intriguing teasers for your blog content.


Ask Questions

You do not need to have a degree to know that asking questions invoke an answer naturally. You can use questions to strategically encourage click-through actions from your target audience. You should make your question short, intriguing and witty. Be sure to keep your readers in mind and make certain that your questions are related back to your blog page. You can ask different types of questions from personal views, trivia, fill in the blank etc.


Valuable tips for asking questions on Facebook:

  • Keep your questions easy to read, short, relevant to your fan page and witty. It is also advisable to use the word “your” and “you”.
  • Ask question in different ways, from trivia, opinion getting, to questions aimed at solving problems
  • Use questions that invoke curiosity to get sharing, click-through and/or commenting actions.

Give Readers a Feel of Your Blog

By using a short quote taken from your blog, you can give your target audiences a feel of what they are missing if they do not visit your blog. Use a fascinating quote from one of your blog posts. Quotes are among some of the most shared things on Facebook and other social networks like Twitter. If one of your Facebook connections shares your update, he or she more likely have clicked-through to your blog.


Search for a quote in your article that is straight to the point and gives a flavor of your blog’s powerful contents. Make it more personalized by including your images or images that are relevant to the blog title.


Share Valuable How-to or Lifestyle Blog Posts

You need to understand that your Facebook connections are generally not interested in being sold products or services. They simply want you to help improve their lives, and validate their sense of community on the Facebook. Quite honestly, Facebook is actually a place where people go to in order to connect with friends. As a smart blogger, and business minded person, you need to post tips to help people improve their life, inspire or encourage them.


When you create a how to or lifestyle blog post, do not hesitate to share it on Facebook.


Here are valuable tips for sharing How-to ad Lifestyle Blog Posts

  • Make use of pronouns like your, us, you in order to create a great sense of community among readers.
  • Include questions like asking your connections for their honest advice or tips – after you have posted the article links
  • Use how-to and lifestyle content to share a little bit more than just the products and or services you offer with your Facebook connections.



Host Interesting Contests on your Blog

Another effective way of generating traffic to your blog is by creating highly interactive content such as contests. Then use Facebook in order to promote the contest. Your connections on Facebook want to connect with your brand, and the best way to connect with them is by hosting interesting Facebook contests. It is important that you learn how to switch up your marketing strategy to boost your site traffic. You can also host these fun contests on your blog. Ensure your contests are sharable.


Share the Blog Content of Others

You may think that it is counterproductive to share the blog posts of others, but you will be happy to know that sharing the blog content of others is actually a strategy that will boost your website traffic. The idea of social media is to get people to share! So, sharing content from well known industry leaders and other reputable sources will help you make your brand appear more social. Your Facebook connections will also appreciate the informative content that you provide and will likely share the content with their own group of friends as well.


Utilize Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads will help you reach your target audiences and Facebook connections. You can use Facebook ads to get people to see your blog updates and increase traffic to your blog. You can utilize `targeted Facebook ads in order to reach Facebook users within your interests and niche demographics.

Ads placed on Facebook do not have to be pricey for the return on investment that you get. You can decide to go with the pay-per-click (PPC) option – this way, you will only get to pay for the ads when visitors click-through to your blog. You must target the ads to reach your target audiences.


There is no doubt that Facebook is an amazing social website on which you can promote and drive traffic to your blog.  With the aforementioned tips, you are now armed with marketing tactics to drive traffic to your blog.

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